Ghost-Guard-LC – The Ghost Peak Protector

In gradient elution analysis using a High Performance Liquid Chromatography system, traces of impurities from the mobile phase (from solvents, mobile phase containers, flow lines, pump, filters, gradient mixer etc.), can cause peaks to appear in chromatograms. If such ghost peaks appear, it can be difficult to distinguish them from peaks corresponding to trace sample components, reducing analysis reliability.

Ghost Peaks and poor baseline are common problems when using gradient elution in reversed phase HPLC. Identifying and elimination the source of ghost peaks can be extremely time-consuming, and has been a source of frustration for chromatographers, particularly in trace analysis work.

Ghost-Guard-LC is a mobile phase cleaning column for gradient elution. The column is filled with an very efficient absorbing granulate which removes traces of impurities in the mobile phase and suppresses the appearance of ghost peaks. This can significantly increase the analytical accuracy of trace analysis.

“On-line” HPLC configuration with Ghost-Guard-LC

The Ghost-Guard-LC  is installed before the gradient pump.


“In-line” HPLC configuration with Ghost-Guard-LC

The Ghost-Guard-LC  is installed between the gradient pump and the injection system.


Application example

The mode of operation is visualised in the following example:

Figure 1: Chromatogram of an blank run with (down) and without (up) Ghost-Guard-LC



Advantages of the Ghost-Guard-LC

  • Effective elimination of ghost peaks
  • Cost-efficient
  • Easy to use
  • Fast success
  • Compatible with common HPLC equipment
  • Compatible with organic solvents
  • Compatible with aqueous buffer solutions
  • Stable over an wide pH-range
  • “In-line”: Low additional Dwell volume equivalent to the internal volume of the product
    “On-line”: No additional Dwell volume
  • “In-line”: Low additional back pressure
    “On-line”: No additional back pressure

Quality Control

Each Ghost-Guard-LC passes our Quality Control and is shipped with an batch related Certificate of Analysis.